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第一回 靜中動羅漢投胎 來處去高僧辭世


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Static in the first round to move Lohan reborn go monk died at

Poem reads: Love is not love wrapped unrelated network, there are various saver Kaneda,
Zen to the net in the dust, the power lines will have to be world-wide.
Trouble in trouble off the occasion, and death beyond life and death, the
Can not fire a foliage Andhra fire lotus flowers.
This eight poems, saying that Buddhism door Lohan, though the heavens, no off non-students, but not dead somersaults, get the trick, then why Dharma clarify? Mitac difficult to show, that can awoke this earthly general stupidity Yong? Today, Miller says a Lohan, because an idea of ​​compassion, leaving five years shrines on the West, and later generations to pay tribute, everyone amazing way different, who you said that?
Saying big SongGaoZong south capital of Zhejiang Lin'an House (now Hangzhou), which has a Zhejiang Tiantai most scenery, but a Buddha lived in the premises. This Emperor capital in the next, then the state capital to Taiwan. This is a seat Kokuseiji Fuchu, temple elders Farmington one, Road of empty, Monk December is 68, also Leijie in to repair a Rohan, he often implied Zen, not easily reveal this phase. This year, a time when till winter, cold northerly Lie, Clouds clouds, rain and snow flying. Late Lent, the Presbyterian Zen abbot chair in the room, then sitting in the end. Disciples group paternity both sides, before the Buddha Ai Ai cigarettes, glass, lights flickering. Shi Dimen relatively long time, there will be a disciple of Wu in the heart, kneeling before the elders: "The disciples kept quiet division show compassion point management, careful study and understanding of this disciple, known static in taste, there's such a beauty of men." Elders smile said: "Although you'll have to quiet the taste, wonderful though there is quiet there must be a solid move, nor due to static in enjoyably, and then move in that no taste also.." disciples exclaimed: "Mongolian division point show compassion Jing Li, this complex clouds move, did not move, he also enjoyably yeah, "Elder said:?" action in the absence of taste, then at the quiet men who do not think of moving, "As we speak, only to hear excluded Lala soon. loud, like a thunderbolt, make disciples surprise. Elder said: "You do not have to surprise such as this are the so-called static in the move also seems thin, the sound come from.?" Disciples picking up Fazhi, then move along the lamp out of the abbot room, turn on the line to Hodo hall and a silent shadow, and then go into the Ocean Hall, I saw a golden Lohan wear purple, and even a painting of wooden chairs, all fell to the ground, monks came to understand, the original sound out of this, then back to the abbot room reported to the elders. Elders also silent, eyes closed Chuimei actually Rudian go. When to go much, suddenly came back and said:!. "Appropriate to cry vibration, who fell to the ground, is a very moving purple feet 罗汉静 been fortunate to be born alive to carry on far different day Haier own knower be When Mi months, the monk when personally look, and with a farewell also. "monks listened, went every amazing not to mention. It is:
Known to set to, when early resolution to go;
Come two distinct parties is Bodhi road.

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