Why Should Use Thoriqoh
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Thoriqoh the teachings of the Holy Rosululloh based
a tradition. Narrated that, at one time
Sayyidina Ali k.w asked Rosululloh
Allah. an easiest and fastest way to get
to Allah swt. "Yes Rosulalloh shown me
the easiest and closest to
Allah ". Rosululloh Allah. replied, "Just close second
your eyes and follow me ... "That is where Ali get
guidance (talkin) zikr "La ilaha Illalloh" basis
specifically from the king of the Prophet Muhammad.
Why Imam Ali asked for and was given by Rosululloh
SAW guidance of remembrance "La ilaha Illalloh"? Is not that
Imam Ali often pronounce it, let alone sentence
Syahadatain part of the sentence? Certainly, this is
remembrance "La ilaha Illalloh" different once
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Prof Dr KH Abdul Hadi
(Professor of Islamic Law UIN Walisongo Semarang, Murshid
TQN Mranggen, Vice Mudir Aam Idaroh Aliyah JATMAN)
bermetoda. And remembrance is closely related to sharpening
vision to Allah Almighty, who in draft
called charity.
Thoriqoh complete with Islam and Iman
Ihsannya. A hadith narrated, "Worship
you to Allah as if you see Him,
and if they can not see Him verily He
see you. "Seeing Allah here is certainly not to
Eye born but the inner eye. Not with eye
physical eyes but with the heart. How to keep the eye
our hearts were able to see him?
To answer the above, Rosululloh Allah. mem-bimbingkan Sayyidina Shaikh Ali k.w. remembrance "La ilaha
Illalloh "with the breath. This guidance continues to be guided-kan to his successor and so on until the day
until forming thoriqoh Qodiriyyah, Naqsya-bandiyyah, and others. These are all terms
with riwayah science. If science diroyah, the phrase "Laa
Ilaha Illalloh "it is not nothing, but because
using science riwayah then there maturation
TAYYEBAH sentence.
At the time of the Holy Rosululloh membimbingkan this remembrance,
there is no prohibition to Ali for membimbingkannya
to others. It's not just for themselves Ali and
dedicated to a friend of Ali. But this remembrance
diijazahkan to Imam Ali to be forwarded in
The next period. Therefore, like other teachings, dhikr is also definitely dibimbingkan and
taught to others as teaching or
Other law such as the Koran and others.
At that time, the Holy Rosululloh never taught
a doctrine that is specifically addressed to one
friends only. Should not be taught to others.
As the Prophet taught companions Abu Hurairoh
about a doctrine, and when the Abu Hurairoh
said, "If I go to all of you
The Prophet's teachings it would cut my throat. "So
Abu Hurairoh was taught by the Apostle in the science of the mind
and a puzzle until now.
The core of remembrance thoriqoh, wa bilkhusus Thoriqoh
Qodiriyyah Naqsyabandiyyah, was the first, in
jahr remembrance, which consists of sentences nafidan confirmation.
Recitation second is dhikr Ismu Essence, this is
khofi called remembrance. Recitation Ismu Dzatyakni remembrance
derived from the writings of Alif Lam Lam Ha. By
thoriqoh teacher dibimbingkan that remembrance is not
pronounced but internalized.
Essence of remembrance Ismu is intended for the entire latho'if
the seven it. Seven latho'if in our body is
favors of Allah swt. What is there in our bodies from
breath until the head, all the favors of Allah. In
Al-Quran is mentioned, thumma latus'alunna yauma'idzin
'fetus Na'im (QS. At Takatsur: 8) "then you must
will be questioned on that day about pleasure (which
Your boast magnificent in the world-it) ". Many humans
I can not understand about the gratitude of our body,
many are abusing the human body itself
to violations of Shari'ah.
In the Koran it says, alyauma nahtimu 'ala
afwahihim wa wa tukallimuna aidihim tasyhadu
arjuluhum bima kaanu yaksibun (QS. Yaasi

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