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The author of 2MeFromGod was inspired by God to write this app when he realized over several months that God was nudging him to look at the clock at significant times (learn more at 2mefromgod.zendesk.com). God, of course, knows the Bible extremely well. The idea came to the author that he could connect bible readings in sequence to each minute of the day. God, aware of how they were connected, could nudge a person to look at the clock and remember the time. When entered into the app the resulting passage displayed could provide them with a personal message from God. *

2MeFromGod is easy and fun to use, and takes a minimum of resources (1.21 Mb - 1.96 Mb). It gets it's readings from biblegateway.com, offering 133 bible translations in the major languages of the world (25 in English).

This app is not supported on all releases of the Android operating system. **

The user support and knowledge base website is: 2mefromgod.zendesk.com .

* The user should be aware that they will not necessarily receive a special message from God every time they look at the clock, observe the time, and follow up by reading the associated passage. However, there is a good chance that they will learn something of value and they may find a message of special significance to them.

** 2MeFromGod will not run on Android Honeycomb (Android version 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2, also know as releases 11, 12, and 13)


* Opens with a New Testament chapter displayed for immediate selection based on the hour and minute of the day. Alternately, a time selector allows you to enter a time that God may have directed you to see and remember, thereby displaying a reading with special meaning to you.

* When entering a passage directly into the passage box you may enter it all from the keyboard. However, you only need to enter the first 1 or 2 letters of the book name and auto complete will present you with a list of matches to choose from. Alternately you may choose the book from the New or Old Testament screens. Then you can scroll to the chapter using the time selector keys or enter the rest of the passage through the keyboard.

* A number of passages may be entered to display and read together in sequence.

* Abbreviations of the book names may be used (as long as they are acceptable on biblegateway.com). However, only the full book name is scrollable with the time selector.

* The recording of your history of bible readings is set to "ON" upon entry into the app. You may move up or down through the history list from the main page or open the history page to see it all. When viewing the history page you may select a reading by touching it. The history page will close and the reading will appear in the passage box. Readings are recorded in the history list upon selecting them for display. In order to avoid recording passages in the history list you can turn the recording of history to "OFF".

* The list of history readings may be edited on the Manage History screen. Readings may be deleted individually or all at once. The size of the history list may be set by you - it is initially set to 100. The size is whatever you can work with easily. When the size is exceeded the oldest readings are discarded.

* Although this release of 2MeFromGod is in English, you may display the readings in other languages. The full selection of bible translations may be found at www.biblegateway.com/versions/ . Find the translation that you want to use. Make a note of the abbreviation for the translation and return to the app. Enter this abbreviation into the "Version:" box and select any passage for reading. This translation will be used for all following readings until another is entered.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 1.6 and up

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