Bible Monkeys
The Monkey God
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Welcome fellow spiritual traveler and seeker of knowledge.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that if a monkey types random keystrokes for an infinite amount of time it will eventually produce a literate text, perhaps even the complete works of Shakespeare. I invite the interested reader to conduct his or her own exploration of the extensive body of research connected to this famous theorem. Although this classic thought experiment is both interesting and valuable perhaps more so is the following theorem.

The Bible Monkeys Theorem states that if a clever monkey randomly rearranges entire passages of the Holy Bible the work will not only remain recognizable but may actually provide new and profound insights.

This application is the manifestation of the clever monkey that randomizes bible passages using state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

Landing page art: Evilution - Rise of Adam by Wendelin

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.1 and up

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