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Dale Carnegies How To Win Friends and Influence People has helped millions of people become more successful. Use Hero Notes AUDIOS as an accelerated learning aid, a tool to help you understand the principles of the book.

It’s the, perfect app for anyone who really wants to get ahead and achieve a life full of success. This Hero Notes accelerated learning program was created for someone who wants to achieve success but has limited time to read. Now you can sit back listen and learn anytime and anywhere, quickly and easily.

This new and exciting app gives you one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn the core principles of the book. Hero Notes has condensed each chapter into its core principles for repetitive listening and a more focused learning experience. Then recreated the principles in the first person perspective as self-affirmations to help you more easily assimilate them into your subconscious mind.

This app will help you identify and strengthen your life purpose. You will hear the concepts that will support you in making decisions that align with your reasons for living. When you’re living the life that your born to live you will fulfill your highest potential and feel at ease with the choices you make. Each day will have new meaning and you will feel that you are on the path to your destiny.

~Key Ideas
-Now for the first time ever, you can turn on Dale Carnegies bestselling book How To Win Friends and Influence People, and easily learn the author’s principles for solving personal and professional problems through condensed chapters focused on only the key principles.

~ How To Win Friends and Influence People chapters are condensed into only the core principles for a quick, precise and focused listening and learning experience


For more than sixty years the rock-solid, time-tested advice of Dale Carnegie has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.
How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the first best-selling self-help books ever published. Written by Dale Carnegie and first published in 1936, it has sold 15 million copies world-wide.
Twelve Things This Program Will Do For You
1. Get you out of a mental rut, give you new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions.
2. Enable you to make friends quickly and easily.
3. Increase your popularity.
4. Help you to win people to your way of thinking.
5. Increase your influence, your prestige, your ability to get things done.
6. Enable you to win new clients, new customers.
7. Increase your earning power.
8. Make you a better salesman, a better executive.
9. Help you to handle complaints, avoid arguments, keep your human contacts smooth and pleasant.
10. Make you a better speaker, a more entertaining conversationalist.
11. Make the principles of psychology easy for you to apply in your daily contacts.
12. Help you to arouse enthusiasm among your associates

Some of the timeless principles you will learn in this Audio Program:

Three fundamental techniques in handling people
Six ways to make people like you
Twelve ways to win people to you way of thinking
Nine ways to change people without arousing resentment

~App Features:
Accelerated learning of How To Win Friends and Influence People principles read in the first person creating a truly personal listening and learning experience.
Listening to the first person perspective provides easier assimilation and quicker learning by the subconscious.

Reinforcement of the principles is fast and easy with the included text of the audios so you can read along with the narration.

Enjoy relaxing music and nature sounds in the music library.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 3.0 and up

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