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Make sure to select support items before you leave - You can find and earn support items by completing levels, but you won’t actually be able to use any of them unless you bring them along when you start a level. Don’t forget!
Use the numbers as a guide - Whenever you want to move in a level you’ll have to choose from one of three different numbers (i.e. the number of steps you take). If you’re unsure of where you’ll end up, just drag a finger along the screen to change your view and take a look ahead - the game will show you which numbers will drop you off where.
Unless a space says “Stop” you can move right through it - Moving through a space will completely avoid whatever is in it (enemy, item, etc). If you don’t want to fight someone, or if you want to skip around those pesky Enemy Attack spaces (the ones that look like targets), keep this in mind. You might have to skip over some beneficial spaces though, depending on how the numbers fall.

Plan ahead - You can easily see where you’ll end up in one move, but consider the other numbers you have and where you might be able to move to on the following turn. Sometimes it might be work taking a hit if it means grabbing a Dragon Ball.
Replay levels on higher difficulties - Each level can be completed on one of three difficulty settings (Normal, Hard, and Z-Hard). Each one is a much tougher challenge, but they also provide better rewards and experience gains.
Check out the events - Events are a great way of earning some extra cash, items, or even rare fighters. Make sure to take a look at what’s available by tapping on the Events button towards the top of the quest map.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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