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The 10 Rules of the Rich (and how you can emulate them)

I recently ran across this article entitled 10 Ways Rich People Think Differently Than Average People based on a book called How Rich People Think. I was immediately struck by the similarities between the writing on Bold and Determined and the thoughts of the rich elite. The 10 rules of the rich are in bold and my thoughts are underneath.
Average fellas are SCARED of money. You read that correctly. FEAR of money. You’ll hear average fellas say things like “I would never try and make money from this. I would never do this just for money” etc. Like money is AIDS and they would never try and get it. Everyone needs money because money is freedom. This fear of money is a one-way ticket to average town. Everyone needs money, there is no damn reason to make excuses or justify it or be afraid of it. I want money. This is how I make my money. Deal with it. Don’t be ashamed of your need or want for money. Get out there and take it and leave the excuses for average Joe.

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