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The speculative fiction of JZ Murdock is visceral as well as psychological. It can strike deep at the dark recesses of your mind. The Murdock catalog includes books in print and ebook formats, short stories in ebook and audiobook formats, and screenplays.

A one time Senior Technical Writer in the high tech industry, it was a career that included working on high level development teams, including with US West Technologies in the 1990s. The inevitable change to fiction was really more of a return to it, as it was a pursuit that began at Western Washington University in the early 1980s, with hints of it first showing up during his sophomore year of High School.

However, not all of the Murdock catalog is of the macabre or horrific. There are also stories of science fiction and comedy, with ever and always the foremost idea being just what it should be... to entertain.

To get a fair assessment of JZ Murdock's writings, Author & Reviewer Michael Brookes put is like this in reference to the book, Death of Heaven:

[Death of Heaven] ... has a Books of Blood vibe [referring of course to Clive Barker's seminal horror books], which really works well. It's in these tales that the author's writing ability shines. He demonstrates a lovely turn of phrase and some of the writing is almost poetic in its beauty."

For another bit of insight, the WILDSound Writing Festival held a first chapter contest and in their review of the first chapter of "Death of Heaven" titled, "The Conqueror Worm", they said:

"The story itself is very strong, lulling the reader into a false sense of security as two young boys hunt for treasure, before ultimately morphing into a violent and sometimes disturbing tale of horror. This is done with such swiftness that it takes the reader almost completely by surprise, which only enhances the effect."

Another book titled, "Anthology of Evil' contains a collection of Murdock's older works including the first Murdock fiction ever published in a magazine (In Memory, Yet Crystal Clear) and one selected as a winner in an international short story contest put on by the beloved actor, Rutger Hauer (Poor Lord Ritchie's Answer to a Question He Knever Knew). Among other stories the final story in the book is a novella (Andrew), which serves as the basis for the book, Death of Heaven.

The Murdock catalog of tales includes a variety of anthologies with other authors, all available on Amazon and linked to the author's page there.

Of the science fiction stories there is, "Expedition of the Arcturus" (first published in PerihelionSF.com, an online, "hard" science fiction magazine) about Earth's first generational space ship; "EarVu", available as an ebook, about a scientist who finds no one shows up at work anymore and discovers the dark reasons behind why; "Quantum History", a sci fi comedy about an experiment gone badly awry; and one of Murdock's most well known short stories, a quirky little sci fi romance titled, "Simon's Beautiful Thought", about a young man's relationship with his AI personal assistant on his cell phone, a story that predated the film "She" by a couple of years.

JZ Murdock has been building a collection of stories that ranges from Gods to worms, from Aliens to demons, from lovers to serial killers. The Murdock universe has been growing and will continue to grow throughout the coming years. As he likes to say:

Join me on this Dark Journey... Turning my Nightmares, into your Reality.

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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