The Vengeance Path
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Andrew Jamieson’s debut novel The Vengeance Path, is a steampunk fantasy of epic proportions, and the first volume in the ongoing series, The Chronicles of Edenos. This application allows you to journey further into the epic world, discovering where each of the grand houses sits, and delving further into the world with detailed content on it's races, flora and fauna.

The Vengeance Path is set on the alien world of Edenos, far into the future, with humanity simply a race amongst races. The novel charts the underhand machinations and political jockeying of various aristocratic Houses of a feudal empire - from the ancient and drenched in tradition to those on a mission to forge a new ruling dynasty. Civil war beckons...

The Vengeance Path is at once a thrilling adventure, in the tradition of A Game of Thrones, Dune and The Lord of the Rings, whilst being a calculated study of agenda, ego, and revenge. Beneath the surface detail of feuding imperial powers, there are also the natives of this mysterious planet to contend with, creatures possessed of their own desires for the future. Whether Human, Nazvishii or Morichredian (to name but a few of the clashing races) each is out for itself, driven onward by a sense of its own heritage and importance, and convinced of its own right to dominate a world of massive scale.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.1 and up

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