Black Poetry
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i am listening to my head and
you've been speaking wind chimes,
the melody that brought by my silence spree.
i figured you've been
seeing me a lot
talking to me a lot,
we should break up NOW

the knot we tied to imprison our mind
not to listen to our sub-consciousness
perhaps for you it was infatuation
that obsessed the nature of you
to hold on unto hope
faith there but only
blasphemous love

lacking synonyms famous as cliche's
i love you,
then cometh that part i ought to mumble back;
i love you too
Blink to the mere truth blind
i was only dearly lusting for you
posturised in display of mine eyez then
you killed it

the thing that we had was corals
divers and snorkeler's envied
it took me this long to read through your calligraphy
stolen from time, fine
you are slick like sand through the hour glass

metaphor yours calligraphy is
engraved with stencils of conniving graffiti character
behind the phenomenon of your disguised beautiness
the art of lying and deceit was named after you
nor the calamity that befall-ed me
when you walked gracefully into my heart
like the flight was nice but we hate the jet-lag
from a single celibate cloud

you clouded mine five star sensibility
to hear you attentively
to touch you inevitably
to smell you exultingly
to taste you diligently
to see you effeminately

we should break up NOW before we shag and make up
elongating stress
"we can give it another try"
i'll be damned over force to even consider the place
you ruined have a chance for repair,
not by you my dearest ice queen
i like islands called beaches paradise not hell

Content rating: Teen

Requires OS: 2.2 - 4.2.2

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