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And your Lord says, "Call upon Me; I will respond to you." (40:60)
The power of duaa is such that it could stop storms in oceans and change the direction of winds. Similarly, it also has the ability to alter our destinies. It is the most powerful weapon of a Mu”min to overcome the obstacles encountered in his life. Most importantly, it helps in establishing a direct, intimate relationship with the Almighty God Himself and provides a platform for putting forth our problems and miseries. Hence, it is vital for every Muslim to supplicate everyday not only for seeking help or blessings from Allaah, but on a very elementary level, to glorify the Lord of mankind and thank Him for the blessings He has already showered us with.
Duaa Ek Ibaadat app, based on the book “Dua’a Ek I’baadat”, is a massive collection of invocations extensively compiled from diverse sources and written using simplified language. It is a user-friendly, FREE, convenient android application in English transliteration from Urdu for readers who speak Urdu but face difficulties in reading its script. This assortment of carefully reviewed duaas are derived from various sources such as Asmaa-ul-Husnaa, Darood Shareef, Quranic Aayaats, Hadith (Masnoon duaas and Azkar) as well as Sahaabah and Saints and made accessible on a single platform to assist in the revival of Sunnahs of the Prophet as well as the Sahaabah, understanding the significance of supplication, implementing the various invocations been blessed upon them and make them part of daily routine. Your numerous supplication books can now be replaced by this comprehensive, effortless encyclopedia of duaas with a striking interface to be used in all walks of life readily available on your fingertips to help you accomplish various tasks in your daily routine, solve your problems, beautify your lives and get closer to Allaah. After all, why worry when you can pray!

Exclusive Features

• Detailed explanation on the significance of supplications
• Times most suitable to make duaa
• Why your duaas may/may not be fulfilled
• Etiquettes of supplicating
• Asmaa-ul-Husnaa and Names of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
• Classification of duaas into 18 principal categories
General Duaas (entirely in Urdu)
Duaas of the Angels, Prophets and Sahaabah
• Duaas specific to Islamic months and days
• Duaas specific to weather conditions
• Duaas to accompany everyday activities
• Duaas pertaining to daily Ibaadah
• Travel
• Diseases
• Duaas to obtain worldly provisions
• Duaas reinforcing responsibilities towards fellow humans
• Protection against various evils
• Trials and tribulations
• Duaas pertaining to the entire journey of life (from marriage to death)
• Repentance and receiving hidaayah.
• Aakhirah
• Acceptance of duaa and thanking Allaah
• Color-coded, easily readable Arabic duaas accompanied by translations as well as transliterations (all in accordance with Tajweed rules)
• Providing indexes as well as a user guide for easy navigation through the app and its toolbar, respectively, that includes various convenient options such as Tasbeeh Counter, Font size adjustment, Brightness, Go to page option, Share, Search, Bookmarks and favorites.
May Allah grant us all the opportunity to make use of this app beneficially, make these invocations a vital part of our lives and subsequently resolve all our issues, develop a closer connection with the Almighty and make our lives beautiful and prosperous. Aameen.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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