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سیرت صحابہ کرام رضوان اللہ علیہم اجمعین
The term aṣ-ṣaḥābah (Arabic: الصحابة‎ meaning "the companions", from the verb صَحِبَ meaning "accompany", "keep company with", "associate with") refers to the companions, disciples, scribes and family of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

This application presents you more than 425 articles on different Companions of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Articles are categorised following criteria:
*>Sahabi (Male companions) and Sahabiyat (Female companions)
*>Ashara e Mubashara: Companions Promised Paradise
*>Habsha 1: The Emigrants from Makah to Habsha in first trip
*>Habsha 2: The Emigrants from Makah to Habsha in second trip
*>Bait e Uqba I: Amongst Ansar who participated in first Bait e Uqba
*>Bait e Uqba II: Amongst Ansar who participated in second Bait e Uqba
*>Badri: Participated in Battle of Badr
*>Muhajir: The Emigrants from Makah to medina
*>Ansar: Helped the Prophet ﷺ and Muhajirun and waged war for the cause of Islam
*>Bait e Rizwan( Ashab-e-Shujra ) : Participated in renewal of pledge of allegiance by companions to prophet ﷺ when he was on pilgrimage to Mecca under hostile and threatening reaction by mecccans to this move
*>Before Fateh Makkah : Accepted islam before fateh Makah
*>Martyr : Laid down his life (Shaheed) fulfilling a commandment towards Islam
*>Mothers Of Muslims: Mother of believers (Wife of Prophet ﷺ)
*>Family (Ahle Bait): From Family of Prophet ﷺ
*>Daughters: Daughter of Prophet ﷺ
*>Grandchild: Grandchildren of Prophet ﷺ
*>Relative: Relative of Prophet ﷺ
*>Children: Children while accepting Islam
*>Died before Prophet
*>Rich before Islam
*>Non-Arab: Born non-Arab
*>Christian: Was Christian before accepting Islam
*>Jews: Was Jew before accepting Islam

Features :
*>Search text by titles or article contents
*>Synchronization with server : Application tries to synchronize with server so that you get latest changes and new articles. Manual or auto Synchronization ( once in a day) available.
*>Comments : Send your comments on each article
*>Social Media integration and Sharing : Share as Image, Share as Html text, Share as plain text, Share via email, Copy to clipboard
*> Fonts : English text font(Times New Roman, Tahoma, Designosaur, Fontastique, Sansation, Comic, Thin lines and curves, Y2K_neophyte, Little days), Urdu text font (Noori Nastaleeq, Tahoma, Urdu Naksh Asiatype, Baqa Urdu)
*>Sort by name or last updated date

This is lite version only articles from categories "Mothers Of Muslims" and "Ashara Mubashara" can be read completely. Other articles are partially available.

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