0.7.4 Varies with device
- This program is a virtual gamepad client for edpJoy server connected via wifi.
- use an acceleromter as circlepad 3 mode.
1. X-axis and Y-axis.
2. only X-axis.
3. X-axis with Y-axis as button B A.
- and a touchscreen as button Y X B A.
- edpJoy server (android, windows 7, linux-debian, mac) downloaded from http://edicpop.blogger.com

- This program helps to find the meaning of words.
- Program no words attached. Need to be loaded from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y67mm1ehvxo3zwm/H_GPtW7_a3 (can open the link in menu of the phone).
- keep history of the words.
- can adjust the screen size 3 levels (x1, x1.5 ,x2).
- can pronounce words
- english from mp3 files (lexitron) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y67mm1ehvxo3zwm/H_GPtW7_a3 and google Text To Speech.
- thai from mp3 files (lexitron) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y67mm1ehvxo3zwm/H_GPtW7_a3

eTXT - The program reads a text file format ascii file (English or Thailand), then touch on it to show the meaning.
- can mix words from the current word.
- can mark the desired text (with touch hold and drag). And this text can be sent to edic search word with all.
- can use the mouse scroll and the mouse over the words (windows only).
- can get text from clipboard (windows, android).
- use google text-to-speech pronounce the words which is determined the sentence by space.
- use mp3 files pronounce the words which is determined the sentence by the available mp3 files.

eDIC - Dictionary program.
- has own keyboard.
- can find the next word.
- can receive characters from keyboard (windows only).
- meaning (message) can be sent to etxt finding the meaning again.

- install edicpopAND.apk

- create folder "edicpop" from root create folder /sdcard/edicpop or /mnt/sdcard/edicpop.
- and then copy the following files.
(eng-thai) lexitron-et-2.0.dict lexitron-et-2.0.idx
(thai-eng) lexitron-te-2.0.dict lexitron-te-2.0.idx
- wordnet dictd_www.dict.org_wn.idx dictd_www.dict.org_wn.dict.dz (compress)
or dictd_www.dict.org_wn.dict (uncompresss)
- cide dictd_www.dict.org_gcide.idx dictd_www.dict.org_gcide.dict.dz (compress)
or dictd_www.dict.org_gcide.dict (uncompresss)

- create folder "edicpop" from root create folder /sdcard/edicpop or /mnt/sdcard/edicpop.
- copy LexThaiMP3.dat LexThaiMP3.idx LexEnglishMP3.dat LexEnglishMP3.idx to this folder.

test on
- android 1.6
real device
- android 4.0.4 arm7 single core 1 GHz 3.5 inch
- android 4.1.1 arm7 dualcore 1.5 GHz 7 inch

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3 and up

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