KAU English Horizon I
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KAU English HorizonⅠ

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Chapter 1. Culture
Pre-Reading : Cultural Difference : Being on Time
Reading : Character and Characteristics : A Humorous Look at Stereotypes
Supplemental Reading : Having Babies

Chapter 2. Life & Attitude
Pre-Reading : The Ridiculous Rules
Reading : Practice, not Talent, Produces Genius
Supplemental Reading : Universal Responsibility

Chapter 3. Environment
Pre-Reading : Getting Warmer Rapidly
Reading : A Warmer Planet Earth
Supplemental Reading : How will we feed ourselves? : Ripening Proof Around the World

Chapter 4. Health
Pre-Reading : Herbs for Staying young
Reading : A basic program : Run-Walk-Run
Supplemental Reading : Causes of Obesity : Environmental Factors

Chapter 5. Economy and Money
Pre-Reading : Supporting Small Business
Reading : Traditional vs. Modern Markets
Supplemental Reading : The Growth of Work

Chapter 6. Science and Technology
Pre-Reading : The Matrix
Reading : Cyber-World : How Real Are They?
Supplemental Reading : "Laser : Supertool of Our Time"

Chapter 7. Career and Success
Pre-Reading : General Approach To Influence
Reading : Fame, Fortune and Failure
Supplemental Reading : Motivating Employee Performance

Chapter 8. Modern Essays
Pre-Reading : The Health Nuts
Reading : Orange Crush
Supplemental Reading : English Is A Crazy Language

Chapter 9. Arts & Music
Pre-Reading : Pop
Reading : Michael Jackson : Super Star
Supplemental Reading : How Much Restoration Is Too Much?
Supplemental Reading : Social Contest and the Meaning of the Blues

Chapter 10. Gender
Pre-Reading : Sex and Gender
Reading : To Be Wife in Modern Society
Supplemental Reading : Sex, Gender and Stereotypes

Chapter 11. Speeches
Steve Jobs : You've got to find what you love
Ban Ki-moon : The World Is Over-Armed and Peace Is Under-Funded

Appendix - Words List
Essential Words
More Difficult Words

Appendix - Test
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
Test 5
Test 6
Test 7
Test 8
Test 9
Test 10

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