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Biblical sciences or biblical studies are the application of a set of diverse disciplines to the study of the Jewish and Christian Bible.

The inductive method to study the Bible taking into account the steps of careful observation of the text, then its interpretation, application and correlation, plus a light look at other methods that the student can use in self-study of the Word of God.

The purpose of inductive reasoning or inductive logic is the study of the tests that allow to measure the probability of the arguments, as well as the rules to construct strong inductive arguments.

Unlike deductive reasoning, in inductive reasoning there is no agreement as to when to consider an argument as valid. In this way, the notion of "inductive force" is used, which refers to the degree of probability that a conclusion is true when its premises are true.

Thus, an inductive argument is strong when it is highly unlikely that its conclusion is false if the premises are true

Christians all over the world, under any current and denomination, have a single book, all use the Bible. There are religions that use the same Christian Bible, but they have another book that alters and contradicts what the Bible says; The "Christians" usually do not have another book, but we give all authority to the Bible itself.

For his theory and methods, this area of ​​knowledge is based on disciplines ranging from archeology to literary criticism, history, philology and social sciences

"The Inductive Bible Study, uses the same Bible as a source of information about the Bible"

Characteristics of the Inductive Study

- The Bible is read; Not a book about the bible. The Bible text is scrutinized without outside help such as a commentary, an expert's opinion or last week's sermon.

- The Bible is read in context. It is not read in isolated pieces but in the form in which the author (human or divine) would have wanted to be read. Hence inductive study generally encompasses a whole book.

- The Bible is read without subjective prejudices. As far as possible, preconceived ideas are put aside so that the Bible can speak for itself.

- The Bible is read with the eye on God. The Holy Spirit is the teacher and a reverent and humble attitude is necessary if we are to understand his word.

- Read, read and reread the Bible. It is not a casual reading but a disciplined study that requires serious diligence in observing the biblical text. (What does the Bible say?)

- You do not reach the Bible with conclusions, but draw conclusions from the Bible itself based on the evidence.

- The Bible is the authority and not our own opinion.

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