Coranox (Preview Edition)
Fifth Exile
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After a brutal ambush by warriors of Amelares lays waste to a border outpost, stunned grief throughout the kingdom of Coranthia quickly gives way to anger. For more than fifteen years after the subsidence of hostilities, these two continental powers have prepared for an inevitable reunion on the battlefield. Now, the Coranthian people rally behind their sovereign’s call to deliver retribution and achieve a final victory in the long struggle for dominance over Moriana.

Shortly after graduating from the country’s most prestigious military academy, Reznik Sylvera, Madeline Agilda, and Renard Renault receive news of their impending deployment. With shared ambition, they hasten to the front lines, embracing the opportunity to champion their patriotic duty. Deeply bound to one another by the hardships of childhood experiences along the northern frontier, these three friends stand resolute in anticipation of the trials awaiting them.

Through triumph and loss in the theater of war, soldiers of Coranthia struggle to defend the national creed of unity and righteousness. But in the face of chaos wrought by a vicious and merciless foe, a backdrop of political intrigue, and deep-rooted social tensions, can these ideals symbolized by the Coranox ever truly be realized?

This application is an extended preview of the book, Coranox. It contains approximately the first third of the book but does not include any illustrations featured in the final product.

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Content rating: TeenViolence, Blood, Language

Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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