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Having a fairly large yard would certainly be its own advantages for homeowners. The home page itself can be used as the front yard can be made wide enough car or motorcycle parking lot so you do not have to park your vehicle outside the fence, and of course this will make you more calm because your vehicle will be safer. And for those of you who have backyard fairly wide, you can use it to create a pool for the family. But, if the back yard can only be made into a family pool alone? Oh, of course not! In addition to the pool, take advantage of the backyard into a garden house is one brilliant idea.

Why is that? For one thing, this time quite difficult to find a city park that is clean and cool, especially if you live in a big city. Second, the existence of the garden behind the house can make the air in your home and surroundings be cool. And third, the existence of home gardens can beautify your home. You can decorate your rear garden with a variety of useful plants or you can plant pretty flowers multicolored so as to give the impression of a bright and cheerful home.

Then if the only flowers that can enhance the look of your back garden? Hey, not only flowers that can enhance the look of your small garden. In addition to a variety of flowers, there are many ways that you can use to make your garden look beautiful, one of them is by adding a gazebo in your garden. Gazebo is a building that normally exist in the park, and usually each side open or do not have a wall. Now with open sides, you can sit inside and enjoy the garden views more freely unhindered cover. With the gazebo, a garden you can look more natural and more comfortable you can enjoy your beautiful garden setting.

If a few years back, the gazebo is usually made of wood and thatched woven, and its design resembles a small shed. This time not only making materials gazebo made of wood but also of metal, concrete, or brick. The design is already more minimalist and modern with neutral color that is suitable for your garden.

Well if you are interested to have a gazebo in your home, you can try to make it. In addition to cost a little more, you can also set your own designs gazebo like what you want. But, before you make a gazebo, a good idea to read the 6 tips to make gazeo reported by below.

1. Determine concept Gazebo Scene
Similarly, the house, gazebo models currently too many. Starting from a traditional-style gazebo, classical, country, up to modern minimalist design gazebo that is now emerging. Well election gazebo designs can be customized with themes drawn from the concept of building your home. Making traditional gazebo is usually done by making the natural elements such as stone, wood, bamboo, and fiber as the dominance of the room. While the classic style gazebo better mimic the style of the buildings europe by painting the entire gazebo with white and meets the surrounding area with flowers. Another with gazebo modern minimalist design, with this design you can membuangun more open space, adding more modern furniture and use neutral colors that match the minimalist concept.

2. Size Gazebo Ideal
Calculating the size of the gazebo you can do by adjusting the capacity you want to generate. For example, for a gazebo that can accommodate 4 people, the ideal area is 2x2 meters. The important thing is, ukurang gazebo does not exceed one-fifth of the area of ​​the yard where the gazebo will be made. It bertujuang in order to achieve harmony and balance the size of the decorations on the home page.

3. Curtains For Romantic Atmosphere Carrier
Want to get a romantic atmosphere in your gazebo? You simply put curtains on the walls. Themes such as the gazebo is perfect for those of you who were newlyweds and still lives alone with godly couple.

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