Cheats for Hill Climb Racing
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Below are the top Hill Climb Racing cheats from around the web and from my experience playing this addicting game. If you’re unfamiliar Hill Climb Racing is a pretty basic game where you drive a car along sets of hills and collect coins. There isn’t really an end, but there are stunts you can do a few other tricks to get more points.
1. Hill Climb Racing is made up of 8 stages or races that include everything from a desert to the moon to a country road. You can also choose your vehicle from a Jeep, motor bike, race car, or monster truck. It’s a good idea to choose the car that goes along best with the terrain. The monster truck performs well on the moon and desert, while the cave and Mars is best suited for the race car.
2. If you’re having trouble with a tilting car you can upgrade the suspension and it will help you drive over bumps more smoothly. Another good tactic if you find a really big hill is to floor it so you can jump over it.
3. If you’re going over a bouncy bridge make sure you’re not at full speed, it’s best if you’re coasting, that way you won’t be as likely to fall off and die.
4. Make sure you keep an eye on how much fuel you have left and get the fuel containers when you see them. It’s easy to let the fuel slip and next thing you know, you’ve run out of gas.
5. If you do tricks while driving you can get more coins, along with getting a lot of air on various jumps or flips. However, it’s a bit more difficult as this makes it more likely that you may crash during the run.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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