Srimad Bhagvad Gita
Harvinder Bajaj
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Bhagvad Gita is the divine song of the God. Its a commune between Lord Krishna and Arjuna just before the battle of Mahabharta started.
Before start of battle Arjuna on seeing Bhishma and Dronacharya goes into depression because they are his elders and also stronger than him. So fighting with his loved ones and fear of failure led to the depression.
This is the story of everyone of us when we are about to face tough situation. Fear of failure led us to think that we can renounce this world where there is so much of negativity. So shlokas of Gita are relevant for everyone of us.
As per popular belief Gita should be read once you retire and free from worldly duties. But Gita was told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna who is a young warrior and about to fight most important battle of his life. So relevance of Gita is for everyone because everyday we have to fight the battle of life. Whether we are student or young person who just joined corporate world or person raising kids or person living his retired life.
Also Gita talks of our duty and not of what others do to us. Our happiness is not dependent on person,material things,event or situations. if we decide to be in present and remain happy then nothing can affect us.
Gita talks of principles which are very much relevant to today's times and following these we can achieve ultimate goal of human life - Self Realization.
Regular study of Gita helps us to follow principles in our day to day life and make our life simple and cheerful.

- Shloka with meaning for all 18 chapters
- Any shloka can be accessed from single page without going back and forth
- Option to make notes for future reference for each shloka
- Invocation shloka from Vedas for chanting
- Bookmarks list can be created and shlokas can be added
- Default bookmark list called 'Practice Shloka' containing list of important shlokas from Gita
- Offline reading support
- Simple and intuitive UI
- Share shlokas with notes with anyone through email,whats app or SMS (SMS charges apply according to the plan)

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