Reloading pinfire cartridges
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The pinfire cartridge explained
- Casimir Lefaucheux French patent #2225
- Early shotgun pinfire cartridge
- Shotgun pinfire cartridge of modern type
- Brand new empty pinfire shells ready for loading
- Pinfire cartridges for handguns
- Internal view of the priming system
- 2mm cartridge compared with one of 12mm caliber
The firearms using pinfire cartridges
- Pinfire pepperboxes
- Pinfire revolvers
- Pinfire pistols
- Pinfire shotguns
Reloading new pinfire cartridges for handguns
- Basic kit content (whatever the caliber)
- Primer holder screwed onto the threaded rod
- Inserting the primer holder into the shell
- inserting the firing pin through the shell hole
- Filling the shell with black powder
- Seating of the bullet
- Removal of the pin after firing
- Re-sizing of the shell
Reloading the 5mm pinfire cartridge
- 5mm pinfire basic kit
- Making of a 5mm bullet from a lead rod
- Seating of the primer cap inside the shell
- Seating of the bullet
- Extraction of the fired primer
Reloading pinfire shells for shotguns
- Pocket to accommodate the cap holder
- Installation of the firing pin
- About 4.00 - 4.50 grams of black powder
- Intermediary wad
- Load of lead pellets
- Sealing wad
- Tooth picks through the holes for sealing
List of prices for pinfire cartridge components
- 5mm, 7mm, 9mm and 12mm boxed reloading kist
- Test kits for 7mm, 9mm and 12mm
- Shotguns shells kit in 16 & 12 gauge

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