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《i書福》是全台灣率先將圖書館位置、活動資訊、館藏查詢,與閱讀社群、收藏管理、書評筆記功能互相整合的 App 服務。適合喜愛閱讀、愛逛圖書館的您。


《i書福》串接政府 Open Data 開放資料,內容更加豐富實用,在此鳴謝。
《i書福》與高誠資訊合作。藉 Coimotion API 建構書籍資料庫,供使用者享用,在此鳴謝。

【 創新特色 】
+ 館藏查詢:直接查詢某本書於台北、新北、台中、高雄等地的館藏狀態。
+ 書籍搜尋: 40 萬本書籍資料庫,可鍵入文字或掃描條碼,搜尋簡介與試讀章節。
+ 雲端同步:利用 Facebook 或 Email 登入,同步閱讀收藏與自訂書單。

【 主要功能介紹 】
★ 圖書排行:即時刷新,看看別人正在查詢哪些熱門好書?
★ 熱門評論:購買前先參考其他書友留下的書評筆記,讀完後記錄自己的閱讀心得。
★ 我的收藏:書籍可加入自訂書單,將借來的、擁有的、讀過的書籍做好收藏管理。
★ 找附近圖書館:運用手機定位功能,找尋離自己最近最方便的圖書館,放假閱讀好去處。
★ 近期圖書館活動:想讓自己有個知性之旅?快來看看國家圖書館的最新活動訊息。

"If the living metaphor for the creation of the mood, then read like the sun."

"I book blessing" Taiwan is the first to the library location, event information, Library Catalog, and reading communities, collection management, book mutually App Notes functional integration services. For love to read, love visiting your library.

Special thanks to:

"I book Fu" series Government Open Data Open data is much more rich and practical, in this acknowledgment.
"I book blessing" and Crosby information cooperation. Construction by Coimotion API library books for users to enjoy, in this acknowledgment.

Innovative Features []
+ Library Catalog: direct access to the status of a book collection in Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung and other places.
+ Books Search: 400 000 books database, you can type text or bar code scanning, search Introduction and probation chapter.
+ Cloud Sync: use Facebook or Email login, synchronous read from staples favorites list.

[Main Features]
★ books Ranking: Instant Refresh, to see what other people are finding popular books?
★ Top Comments: Before you buy another book club left first reference book review notes, after reading record their reading experience.
★ Favorites: Books can be added from staples alone, the borrowed, have, read good books collection management.
★ find nearby libraries: the use of mobile positioning function, easy to find from their most recent libraries, reading a good place for a holiday.
★ recent library activities: There is a want to own intellectual journey? Take a look at the latest Event Calendar National Library.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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