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What is cupping? Some knows it as hijama. Some as bekam. They are all the same thing.

Cupping (or hijama by the Arab natives, and bekam by the region of south east asian natives) is the traditional medication method to purifying the blood.

It is a mechanical process, in which the cupping cups act as vacuum cups, that is applied on specific points on the human body.

Although cupping itself is a well known therapy, not many had known that there exist several types of cupping and the most superior one is the sunnah cupping.

This Cupping HQ apps compiles the many therapeutic and health benefits of sunnah cupping.

Moreover, instead of being an alternative to modern medication, a recent study found that modern medical complemented by sunnah cupping actually may increase a patient’s healing factor by up to 300%.

This research has been done by Salah Mohamed El Sayed et al from universities in Saudi Arabia and had been reported in ‘Therapeutic Benefits of Al - hijamah: in Light of Modern Medicine and Prophetic Medicine’ which was published by ‘American Journal of Medical and Biological Research’ in 2014.

This Cupping HQ apps reiterates the finding from that research into graphic forms such that it appeals more to the public.

Among the features in this Cupping HQ apps:

: General cupping info

: High quality images of cupping points, as reference for cupping practitioners as their guideline to place the most strategic points for their cupping cups to get the most optimized results.

: List of diseases and conditions that will benefit from sunnah cupping treatment.

: Simplified report on how sunnah cupping is best being treated as the complementary therapy for modern medication.

Cupping HQ is your ultimate guide to cupping therapy. More info will be added as more discoveries are being made in regards of sunnah cupping. In this age of sharing information is very easy via social media, please share the health benefit superiority of sunnah cupping treatment with your loved ones.

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