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In “7 days to NLP Success: How to Persuade Anyone, Lose Weight and Achieve Anything.” I’ve broken down some of the basic NLP principles into seven days. On each day you will learn a little about a basic NLP principle and how you can use this to improve a specific area of your life.

To start your journey of discovery about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) there are a basic series of presuppositions which will be useful for you to learn. By studying the basic foundational principles you will begin what will hopefully be a life long journey of self discovery and improvement.

The first principle and perhaps the most important is: The map is not the territory. This statement originated with a Polish count by the name of Korzybsk back in 1933. When you experience the world via your senses you make an internal map of this in your brain. Because this map is shaped by your own experiences this internal map will never be the same as anyone else’s. For example if I’m viewing a chess match my internal map will be much different to the one bobby Fischer forms if he watches exactly the same match. We are seeing exactly the same things but his breadth of knowledge, understanding of the game and personal experience will mean that his map will probably be nothing like mine.

We are constantly having sensory data thrust at us. It would be impossible to absorb all the data in a meaningful way so we have to filter this data. The process of filtration is heavily influenced by our values and our beliefs. We in a sense only receive the information that our experiences, social and cultural background are attuned to letting us receive.

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