Collection Of Atlantis
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Collection Of Atlantis

This collection have 15 In-Apps books and they are :-

1. A Dweller on Two Planets :- A very influential speculative novel of Atlantis and points beyond, purportedly composed via automatic writing by a teenager in the shadow of Mount Shasta.

2. Atlantida :- A harrowing trip through the Sahara to ... Atlantis, and the strange allure of its ultimate queen.

3. Atlantis, the Antediluvian World :- The complete text of the 19th Century bestseller that started the modern Atlantis craze.

4. How I Found the Lost Atlantis, The Source of All Civilization :- A famous and often cited Atlantis hoax, republished at sacred-texts for the first time in over ninety years.

5. I Remember Lemuria :- Beware the devolved tunnel-dwellers who rule the earth: the dress-rehearsal for the UFO craze.

6. RAGNAROK: THE AGE OF FIRE AND GRAVEL :- A sensational description of how a cometary impact could have destroyed an unknown prehistoric civilization.

7. Selestor's Men of Atlantis :- The history of Atlantis, told as a channeled vision of an ancient sage.

8. Stanzas of Dzyan From The Secret Doctrine :- Blatavskys' channeled sacred text from Lemuria.

9. The Lost Continent :- The decline and fall of decadent Atlantis; a cruel queen, and ancient magic: a long-forgotten swashbuckling adventure.

10. The Oera Linda Book :- A purported chronicle of the descendants of the lost Atlantis--of the North Sea.

11. The Lost Lemuria :- A short essay by Scott-Elliot on the lost continent which preceeded Atlantis in Theosophic beliefs: Lemuria.

12. The Sacred Symbols of Mu :- Mu, the other lost continent, and its sacred symbology.

13. The Story of Atlantis A Geographical, Historical and Ethnological Sketch :- An imaginative Theosophic history of the Earth, the Theosophic concept of human evolution and everyday life in old Atlantis.

14. The Treasure of Atlantis :- A pulp-fiction era Atlantis in South America yarn.

15. Vril, The Power of the Coming Race :- The Victorian science fiction novel from which introduced the concept of 'Vril.'

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Requires OS: 2.0 - 4.1.1

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