108 Namavali
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108 Names ( Ashtottara Shata namavali) are prayers encapsulating one hundred and eight names invoking that God or Goddess. The Name Chants play a very important role in Hindu worship. Each invocation is inspired with unsurpassable beauty and grandeur of the God or Goddess, synonymous to the God or Goddess. Gods and Goddesses are worshipped with great passion with these 108 names depicting their various forms, manifestations, power and kind grace. As one immerses in its sacred flow of peace, mind begins to leave the negativity and gets drenched in love and devotion of divine. Uttering or repeating of any of God's innumerable names is one of the recommended paths of sadhana (religious practice) for those seeking the path of bhakthi (devotion). Any name of the god, is followed by “Namah” which means the reader is offering their praise/ salutations to the god. And is also preceded by “Aum”, “Om”: which means “It Is” or “To Become”. This is considered most sacred word in Hindu tradition. When both Om and Namah properly combined with the name of the God or Goddess becomes a holy Mantra and the mantra carries a subtle power to purify the one who chants it.

This app is designed in a way to be very resourceful to the reader (devotee). The app comes preloaded with Ashtottara Shata Namavali (108 Names) of several Gods, and Goddesses. It also comes with the meaning of each mantra, to help the reader (devotee) understand the mantra and to enlighten them of the religious and spiritual context. The app also comes with 3 language selection – English (default), Hindi and Telugu. The user can also choose the text size. We understand how hard it is to keep track of which mantra the reader is on when they get distracted, so we provided a bookmarking concept in the app. While reading just click on a mantra to bookmark it so you can come back and start from there instead of starting from the beginning or a wrong mantra.

• 100% free application
• Beautiful and user friendly interface
• Multiple language support (English, Hindi, Telugu)
• Audio of Namavali mantras
• Multiple text size support for better readability
• Small introductory page before the namavali
• Meaning provided for each mantra
• Bookmarking ability to quickly access mantra to continue reading
• Ability to send development team with suggestions, concerns and resources to enhance the app.
• Ability to share the app with others

• Lord Shiva
• Lord Hanuman
• Lord Krishna
• Lord Ganesh
• Lord Ram
• Lord Vishnu
• Lord Sai Baba
• Goddess Saraswati
• Lord Balaji
• Goddess Durga
• Goddess Lakshmi

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Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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