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The Field sampling Reference (FsR) App is a quick reference to environmental test methods, sample containers, preservatives, minimum sample amount & holding times at different phases of testing of solid and liquid samples. The information contained in the FsR App is applicable throughout the United States but also contains information specific to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Massachusetts. Having this information so easily available and in such a comprehensive way is a dream come true for environmental consultants and environmental testing laboratory personnel such as project managers, sales executives and field samplers who need to refer to this information on a daily basis. The FsR App is accessible anywhere whether at your desk or in the field. The FsR App allows you to search by test name such as 'Metals' or by Method such as EPA 200.8.

The FsR App contains over 290 searchable test names including the most frequently requested tests for Volatile Organics, Semivolatile Organics, Pesticides, PCBs, Herbicides, Metals and Wet Chemistry tests such as Nitrates, BOD, COD, hexavalent chromium and many more. Test Methods include EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) methods, ASTM International (ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and SM (Standard Methods) used for testing waste water, drinking water, groundwater, soil, sludge and waste. Entries are sorted alpha/numerically making it very easy to access the test name and method name or number being searched for.

A glossary is included for easy look up of the meaning of acronyms frequently used in the industry such as 'GC' for Gas Chromatography and TCLP for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure. The glossary also lists the elements that make up frequently requested list of metals such as the RCRA, PP and TAL Lists.

The data in this App is updated regularly in keeping with regulatory updates to test methods and sampling procedures relevant to the environmental testing industry.

The FsR App offers in-app purchase for full data access, but the following tests are always accessible for free:

1,2,3-TCP (W) - EPA 524.2_SIM
Asbestos (S) - EPA 600R
Bacteria-Coliform (S) - SM 9221B
Chromium, Hexavalent (S) - EPA 3060/7196A
Cyanide, Total (S) - EPA 9010C/9014
Explosives (W) - EPA 8330A
Ferrous Iron (W) - SM 3500-FE D
Ignitability (W) - EPA 1010/EPA 1010A/EPA 1020B
Metals (W) - EPA 200.8/200.7/6010B/6010C/6020A
Metals (S) - EPA 6010B/6010C/6020/6020A
Oil & Grease (S) - EPA 9071B
PCBs (GW) - EPA 8141/8082/608
PCBs (S) - EPA 8082
Semivolatile Organics (BNA) (W) - EPA 625/8270C/8270D
Semivolatile Organics (BNA) (S) - EPA 8270C/8270D
Total Organic Carbon (S) - Lloyd Kahn
Volatile Organics (DW) - EPA 524.2
Volatile Organics (S) (Encore) - EPA 8260B/8260C
EPH (W) (non-fractionation/Category 1) - NJEPH
EPH (S) (non-fractionation/Category 1) - NJEPH
TCLP Semivolatile Organics (W) - EPA 1311/8270C/8270D
TCLP Metals (W) - EPA 1311/6010B
TCLP Mercury (W) - EPA 1311/7470A
SPLP Volatile Organics (W) - EPA 1312/8260B
SPLP Volatile Organics (S) - EPA 1312/8260B
Dissolved Metals (Lab Filtered) - EPA 200.8/200.7/6010B/6010C/6020A
Ammonia-Nitrogen (W) - EPA 350.1/SM 4500 NH3 H
Ammonia-Nitrogen (S) - EPA 350.3
Resistivity (W) - EPA 120.1/SM 2510B
Iodide (W) - EPA 345.1
PCB Congeners (W) - EPA 1668
PCB Congeners (S) - EPA 1668
Sulfur (Total) (W) - EPA D4951
Nitrate-N (S) - EPA 353.2M/SM 4500 NO3 F
Nitrite (S) - EPA 353.2M/SM 4500 NO3 F
Phosphate, Total (S) - EPA 365.3M
Alkalinity, Total (S) - EPA 310.1M/SM 2320B
Bromide (S) - EPA 320.1M
Fluoride (S) - EPA 340.2M
Specific Conductance (S) - EPA 9050A
Sulfate (S) - EPA 375.4M/9038/ASTM D516
Ferric Iron (S) - SM 3500_FE_D
Trivalent Chromium (W) - EPA 7196A/SM3500CR-D

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