What is Islam?
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Islam literally is submission and acceptance.

- in religious contexts Islam means:
1- Total submission to Allah by worshiping Him alone.
2- Obeying and following His laws.
3- Disavowal from polytheism and its believers.

The meaning of Islam in overall sense is obedience and deed according to what Allah has legislated and sent to humanity since Adam; the first Prophet, until the Day of Judgment.

The precise meaning of Islam is to follow the message of Muhammad peace be upon him. One has to believe in what he said, follow his teachings, obey his orders and avoid what he forbade. Islam is established of two necessary components: the first group is referred to the articles of faith whereas the other group is categorized as the pillars of Islam.

If faith and Islam are stated separately, then they refer to one another, in other words, if a person is called a Muslim, it means that this person is a believer too and vice versa. Yet, if they both are mentioned together in the same context, then each one has its distinctive meaning.

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