《APPER 人性遊戲》孤泣◎著
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全球用戶上千萬,程式量超越三十萬,這究竟是什麼鬼東西?就是你手上的蘋果產品 - iPhone。

故事從這台上千萬用戶的iPhone開始。一位電訊從業人員遇上一位美麗援交少女,而這位援交少女完事後,沒有收取一分一毫的「肉金」,只在他的iPhone上,下載了一個價值$699.99的App,比一台iPhone還要貴的$699.99! 故事就此發展,究竟這個什麼鬼「人性遊戲」是什麼的把戲?當中出現了只有人類才有的「人性」,人的基本屬性: 「自私、醜惡、妒忌、貪婪、兇殘、猜疑、爭鬥、排擠、欺騙」。

一星期後,「Apper人性遊戲」突然在App Store中消失,兩個小時後,一則由Apper傳來的「通知」訊息: 招募人數已達上限,遊戲正式開始!

Tens of millions of users worldwide, the program beyond three hundred thousand, which is exactly what the hell? Your hands Apple products - iPhone.

The story began this stage of millions of users of the iPhone. A telecommunications practitioners met a beautiful compensated dating girls, who compensated dating girls finished afterwards, did not receive a single cent "meat gold, only downloaded a value of $ 699.99 the App on his iPhone than a an iPhone is more expensive than the $ 699.99! story on this development, whether what the hell "human game" is what the trick? Which appeared in "human nature", only humans have the basic properties of the people: "selfish, ugly, jealousy, greed, cruelty, suspicion, strife, exclusion, deception.

A week later, "Apper humanity Game" suddenly disappeared in the App Store, two hours later, a "notification" message-by Apper coming: recruitment have reached the maximum number of the official start of the game!

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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