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As the Holy Prophet of Islam was to bring a universal religion for the whole mankind, and as that religion was to continue up to the end of the world, all Prophets in all religions of the world had informed their fol- lowers of his advent, and told them to accept his religion without any 'ifs' and 'buts'. In many instances, they also gave the details of his person- al and family life so that the people might easily recognise him.
It is not possible to mention in this small booklet all the prophecies from all the books. However, I intend to give here a few prophecies from the religious books of the Parsis, the Hindus, the Jews and the Christians.
It is necessary to point out that in many places, the good tiding about the Holy Prophet of Islam is followed by description of his family-mem- bers who were to be his successors. I have given some of such proph- ecies. Several useful books have been written on this subject in past cen- turies. Important among them are:
1. Mir'atu ' l -Makhlýqat, by late Molvi Abdu 'r-Rahman Chishti of India.This book was written in 1041 Hijri (=1631-32 C.E.). It contains translations from relevant parts of the sacred books of Hinduism.
2. Basharat - e - Ahmadi, by late Molvi Abdul-Aziz, of Lucknow
3. Anisu'l -a'laam, by late Fakhrul-Islam Muhammad Sadiq. He was
an Armenian and formerly a Christian priest. He knew Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Syrian, Armenian, Persian and Arabic. He accepted Islam be- cause of his research in the meaning of 'Paracletos' whose coming is fore- casted in the Gospel of St. John. He was convinced that it referred to the Holy Prophet of Islam.
His book in two volumes, in Persian, was published in 1891 A.D. It is a treasure of valuable research for all those who are interested in compar- ative religion; and almost all books written afterwards are based upon it (though few people have acknowledged this debt).
The Parsi prophecies have been taken from the Zoroastrian prophecies found in Zend Avesta and Dasatir, as quoted in A.H. Vidyarthi & U. Ali's book, Muhammad in Parsi, Hindu and Buddist Scriptures.
The prophecies given here have been taken from these books.

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