Primate Wars
j p hayes
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‘Primate Wars’ is aimed at readers who are interested in conspiracy based fiction, especially if the theory can be justified to some degree. The scientifically accepted facts that form the basis of ‘Primate Wars’ are:
1. Female mitochondrial DNA can be traced back to a single African woman.
2. All non-African people alive today are descendants of this single female, the out of Africa Eve.
3. These early tribes migrated out of Africa during an ice age, when the Sahara was open, and settled in the Persian Gulf before it was flooded (The Old Testament flood?). Geneticists know this as the L3 migration.
4. After the flood one tribe migrated north and settled in an area between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, the most likely location for Eden.

Correlating these facts with the Old Testament it can be concluded that all people on Earth are descended from either Cain or Seth. The descendants of Cain being the result of original sin and the descendants of Seth being the offspring of soul mates. Herein lies the source of conflict between two opposing groups that inhabit the earth today.

The story is taken up during the First World War when a private is shot at dawn for desertion. His only crime was to become lost and disorientated in no man’s land during a gas attack. The injustice metered out is witnessed by a comrade who vows to exact revenge on those responsible once the war is over. An incident prior to his execution leaves a residual, present day legacy manifest in the form of a seemingly ordinary man.

It transpires that this man is descended from the line of Seth, his name is Daniel and he appears to have no history, is inexplicably wealthy, knowledgeable and talented and he is on a mission, a mission to dilute the forces of evil brought into the world by the descendants of Cain. His aim is to change the ground rules to disadvantage the Cain gene allowing a more cooperative gene to emerge and eventually dominate.

Daniel’s enemies appear as a succession of persistent and humourless stalkers who have driven his life long friend, Hannah, to the edge of insanity and it is her condition that galvanises Daniel into final, resolute and unrestrained determination in dealing with them. His acts of uncompromising aggression cause his close associates to wonder what they are dealing with. Nevertheless, as far as Daniel is concerned, these stalkers are only symptomatic of a more fundamental malice that lurks at the heart of our primitive, primate psychology. This malice is characterised by Jake, a beautiful, irresistible, yet ultimately evil and amoral presence that torments both Daniel and Hannah in a twilight world of lucid nightmares.

Daniel plans to use a combination of deception, contemporary genetics and ancient alchemic wisdom in order to erode the enemy’s power. This takes him back to Africa, his home but Jake and his foot-soldiers are relentless in their pursuit and Daniel is aware that, unless he acts soon, Hannah will finally loose her sanity altogether and his goal will become unachievable. He is forced to reveal the truth about himself and the nature of his quest in order to enlist help but, in doing so, the magnitude and seriousness of his ambitions are uncovered.

As a descendent of Seth, Daniel’s genes are closer to perfection than the Cain gene that mutated when original sin entered the world. They carry residual traits from Biblical times and give him an advantage over his enemies, an advantage that he puts to good use when his scheme to inch the world closer to heaven and further from hell becomes unstoppable.

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