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Kaddish (Aramaic קַדִּישׁ – holy) is a unique and exalted prayer/declaration which sanctifies the name of G-d and expresses our burning desire for the time when "His great name grow exalted and sanctified" throughout the world. Interestingly, the name of G-d is not mentioned even once in the entire kaddish; only a reference to His great name. The text of Kaddish is mostly in the Aramaic language. It is recited a few times during the prayer services, but only when a Minyan (gathering of ten or more men over the age of thirteen) is present. Reciting Kaddish during prayer guarantees acceptance of one's prayer in Heaven. Furthermore, the Kaddish which is recited by a mourner on behalf of a deceased relative (Mourner's Kaddish) has the power to protect the soul of the departed from the punishments in the next world.
There are a few slight variations (Nusach) to the Kaddish text based on the origins of the community/congregation. (e.g. Ashkenazic, Sefardic). One should follow the Nusach of the synagogue where the prayer is taking place.
There are four types of Kaddish: Kaddish Shalem (full Kaddish), Chatzi Kaddish (half Kaddish), Kaddish D’rabanan (Rabbis’ Kaddish) and Kaddish Yatom (mourner’s Kaddish).
Our App. offers two types of Kaddish – Kaddish D’rabanan and Kaddish Yatom.
Our App is presented to you with the blessings of honorable Rabbis from Israel and Russia.
We would like to express our gratitude to all who participated in creating this program.
Editors: Rav Aaron Medenaradze, Rav Leib Gelfand and Rav Eliezer Stefansky.
Consulting: Center for Jewish Religious Education «Torah Mitzion».
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