Kila: King of Golden Mountain
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The King of the Golden Mountain

There was a certain merchant who had two children, a boy and a girl. The merchant had been rich but now he had nothing left but one field outside the town.

One day, when he was walking in his field, he met a little black man standing suddenly by his side and told him his story.

The dwarf said, "If you promise to give me the first thing that rubs itself against your leg when you are back at home again, and bring it here after twelve years, you will have as much money as you wish."

The merchant thought, "What can that be but my dog?" So he said, “Yes,” and gave the black man a written and sealed promise, and went home.

When he reached home, his little boy was so delighted to see him that he seized him by the legs. The father was shocked, for he remembered his promise.

When he went up to the garret, he saw a great heap of money lying. Then he became happy again, made purchases, and became a greater merchant than before.

The nearer the twelfth year approached, the more anxious grew the merchant. One day his son asked what ailed him.

After hearing his father’s story, the son said, "Oh, father, be easy. The black man has no power over me." The son had himself been blessed by the priest.

When the time came, the father and son went together to the field, and the son made a circle and placed himself inside it with his father. Then the black dwarf came and claimed what he wanted.

They spoke for a long time but finally agreed that the son did not belong to anyone. He should be seated in a small boat and remain given up to the water.

The boat floated quietly away and stopped by an unknown shore. When he landed, he saw a beautiful castle before him, and set out to reach it.

When he entered it, he found that it was bewitched. When he reached the last room, he saw a snake. The snake was an enchanted maiden who rejoiced to see him.

She said, “Twelve black men will come and ask what you are doing here. They will beat you, but do not speak and let everything pass. At twelve o'clock they must go away. After three days like that I shall be released.”

And everything happened just as she said. On the third night the snake became a beautiful princess again. She threw herself into his arms and kissed him, and there was joy and gladness in the whole castle.

After this, their marriage was celebrated, and he was King of the Golden Mountain.

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