Kila: The Three Brothers
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The Three Brothers - Brothers Grimm

There was once an old man who had three sons and a house. Each of the sons wished to have their father’s house after his death.

The old man said to his sons, "Go into the world and each learn a trade. When you all come back, whoever makes the best masterpiece shall have my house."

The eldest son decided to become a blacksmith, the second a barber, and the third a sword master. They all agreed a time when they should return home again, and then each went his way.

It turned out that they all found skilful masters who taught them their trades well. The blacksmith learned to shoe the King's horses and he thought to himself, "The house is mine, without doubt."

The barber only shaved rich and famous people, and he too was already looking on the house as his own.

The sword master experienced many hard blows, but he only bit his lip and would let nothing vex him."For," he said to himself, "If you are afraid of a blow, you'll never win the house."

When the three brothers returned home, a hare came running across the field. The barber quickly soaped and shaved off the hare's whiskers whilst he was still running at top speed.

Soon after, a coach came traveling past at full speed. The blacksmith ran after it, removed all four shoes from the hoofs of one of the horses, and gave it four new shoes without stopping him.

When it started to rain, the third son drew his sword, and flourished it above his head so quickly that not a drop landed upon him.

When his father saw this he was amazed and said, "This is the masterpiece, the house is yours!"

His brothers were impressed too and agreed with this, so they all stayed together in the house and continued their trades.

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