How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes
Larry Benferor
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How to get rid of mosquitoes
Mosquitoes is a slender long-legged fly with aquatic larvae. The bite of the bloodsucking female can transmit a number of serious diseases including malaria and encephalitis.
We all know these pesky little buggers that buzz around us when we're in the dark. They lurk, stalk and wait for the opportunity to strike. Their lineage can be traced to the ancient times of 100 million years ago. Their senses and tactics, which have been developed through the ages, have remained the same: Sniff out prey, loiter in the vicinity, wait for an opening, strike quickly and strike plenty. All in the name of procreation. Oftentimes, the females spread the disease, while the males remain spectators to the proliferation of the species. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the mosquito.
With warmer weather comes a lot of benefits, like outdoor activities and an overall good mood. However, there are some disadvantages associated with warmer weather; and for many parts of the country, one of the biggest drawbacks is the prevalence of mosquitoes.

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