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ChildrenBooks is an Interactive Book for Kids! This Application will be useful to know more about Jesus (age group of 8-15) and grow in their spiritual life. As of now this application contains only Tamil books. Planning to add different language books also in future.

Book 1: தேவனின் ஆலயம்:
We know that, we are God’s temple. But do you know our Lord’s expectations about us? What they are? Sure your mind asking this question to you. Our Lord gives us the good chance to know his expectations. You don’t worry, our Lord not expecting us very big thing. Very simple, at the same time it is very easy for us.
In this book he is explaining about the relationship between FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST. One more thing, you can easily understand the importance of church, prayer and Bible. Read and enjoy.

Book 2: ஜெபம்:
This is the very simple prayer was taught by our Jesus to his disciples. But it’s also a very powerful prayer. This is the correct time we have to know the meaning of his prayer. That’s why he revealed to us.
In Matthew 6 : 9 – 13, our Jesus taught to his disciples, how to pray? Actually our Jesus’s prayer tells us, for our every need how to call our God and how this prayer gives the relationship to the heavenly father. But still we don’t know every word of our prayer is how much important to him? But he knows our value and our prayer’s value. So don’t miss to read it.

Book 3: என்னை வெறுமையாக்கினேன்:
What a different topic? Is any word related to this topic in our bible? What is the meaning for this word? What is the secret for the bible person’s success? Is it possible I also taste my Jesus love? Your mind asking you lot of questions. This book gives your all question’s answer. Our Jesus gives a nice idea to live your life peacefully and happily. The life story of Joseph (Jacob’s son) and Solomon (David’s son) are illustrated in this book. Really what is happening in the hell also describing in this book. That’s why we sure that it is the interesting topic for you.

The different advantages of this application are:
- This application looks like Android book format and it allows you to minimize and maximize the pages
Pages are filled with attractive images
- No Popup for an Advertisement
- Preferred application installation location is external memory. So, it won't occupy your internal memory
- If your secondary memory is full then you can delete the downloaded books and download it later

How to use?
1. First time by clicking on book will prompt your input regarding your option for download the book
2. Once it got downloaded we can read it any time
3. If your secondary memory is full then you can delete the downloaded books by clicking X mark near to the book

Your valuable feedback is required to add more functionalities to this application. Feel free to add your comments and rate this application.,

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.1 and up

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