Moves Guide Mortal Kombat
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A detail tutorial on how to win Mortal Kombat Tournament
How To: Perform an Enhanced Attacks
You can enhance every Special Attack for every character. Wait until you have at least one super bar. Perform the special attack as you usually perform it and press BL together with the last button of the move. Example: Mileena's Sai Blast is B, F, FP. The enhanced version Sai Burst is B, F, FP + BL.

How To: Perform an X-Ray Attack
Every character has an X-Ray attack. Wait until all three super bars are full and then press FS + BL at the same time. The X-Ray Attack requires all three super bars.

How To: Perform a Babality
To be allowed to perform a Babality you should not block any attack during the final round. You can press the block button, just not block an attack.

Special Attacks:
(Sticky) Bomb (Close): B, B, BK (8%, Unblockable, Pop-Up, E: 2 Hits, Blockable)
Bomb (Medium): F, F, BK (8%, Unblockable, Pop-Up, E: 2 Hits, Blockable)
Bomb (Far): B, B, F, BK (8%, Unblockable, Pop-Up)
(Electro) Net: B, B, FK (Traps Oponent, E: +2%)
Teleport (Bangport): D, B, FP (Can be done in air, E: +8% if Close)
Buzzsaw/Saw Blade: B, F, BP (8%, E: 2 Hits, 15% if Close)
Reverse/Donkey Kick: D, F, FK (7%, E: 2 Hits, 11%)
Rapdoll/Rapdolls: D, F, FK, BL (2 Hits, 10%, E: 3 Hits, 15%)
(Power) Anti Air: D, F, FP (2 Hits, 8%, Victim must be in the air, E: 10%)
X-Ray Attack:
Cyberdriver (3 Hits, 30%)
Kombo Attacks:
See Saw: FP, FP, FP (3 Hits, 12%)
Steel Fists: FP, BP, FP (3 Hits, 15%)
Power Plant: FP, BP, FK (3 Hits, 14%, Pop-Up)
Mustard: BP, FP, BP (3 Hits, 18%)
Saw Enough: BP, BP, F + FP (3 Hits, 16%)
Kombat Boots: FK, FK, BK (3 Hits, 14%)
Cyber Beatdown: B + FP, BP, FP, BP (3 Hits, 13%)
Finishing Moves:
Buzz Kill: F, D, F, B, BP (Touching)
Nothing But Net: B, D, B, F, FP (Jump)
Babality: D, F, B, BP (Jump)
Stage Fatality: D, Up, BL (Varies)
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Special Moves:
Bomb Toss - Close: ? ? B
Bomb Toss - Medium: ? ? B
Bomb Toss - Far: ? ? ? B
Net: ? ? A
*Teleport: ? ? X
Buzzsaw: ? ? Y
Reverse Kick: ? ? A
Ragdoll: ? ? A RB
**Anti-Air: ? ? X

Enhanced Special Moves:
Sticky Bomb - Close: ? ? (B+RT)
Electro Net: ? ? (A+RT)
*Bangport: ? ? (X+RT)
Saw Blade: ? ? (Y+RT) (PROJECTILE)
Donkey Kick: ? ? (A+RT) (+LOW KICK)
Ragdolls: ? ? (A+RT),(X+A)
**Power Anti-Air: ? ? (X+RT)

*Also in air
**Opponent must be in air

Fatality 1 - Buzz Kill: ? ? ? ? Y (Close)
Fatality 2 - Nothing but Net: ? ? ? ? X (Jump)
Babality: ? ? ? Y (Jump)
Stage: ? ? RT (Varies)

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Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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