A Parcel of Courage Book
Mariya Stavinskaya
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"A Parcel of Courage" is an interactive educational book app based on two proven teaching methods: Montessori method and Shichida method.

Many interactive activities within the heartwarming story are paired to reinforce the storyline, so that your kiddo can better comprehend the content and improve: spatial awareness, working memory, eye hand coordination, sequencing and listening skills (for better handwriting and other fine motor tasks performance) as well as enhance his/her problem solving skills.

I Play mode provides kids with 4 more unique educational games geared towards a preschoolers developmental interests and let them:

- learn numbers and addition within 10
- become familiar with patterns and sequences
- understand two or more objects in relation to each other
- recognize 25 new colors
- enhance creative thinking skills
- improve memory and other cognitive abilities

“A Parcel of Courage” based on a true story of how a family of three siblings came together to help their grandmother overcome her fear of flying so that she could come out to visit them.

Your kiddo will explore 15 beautifully illustrated interactive pages in the “I Listen” or “I Read” modes and play inside these pages to help our family meet their much loved Grandma and discover a magical surprise at the end.

There are 7 tasks to complete within the story to unlock something that will help kids make their wishes come true!

Some of the challenges children will face within the story are:

• Discover maps and beginning spatial orientation skills
• Construct a marble run using working memory of a briefly presented model
• Sequence baking courage chocolate cookies
• Learning how to address and send a post to granny (and use hand-eye coordination)
• Visually scan to help grandpa clean up the backyard
• Spatially orient objects to pack a suitcase
• Use auditory discrimination skills to help the postman

Independently explore and learn numbers and addition, sequencing, improve spatial reasoning skills, and develop visual memory skills. Earn points to add to your artifacts collection. Every game's level rewards kids with mysterious outfits which transform into a magical airship.

A game where the child takes the role of a waiter and plays with Grandma, who requests a number of servings from a dish and gets kids to strengthen their numeracy skills and learn simple math concepts.

*Post Office*
A Montessori sequencing activity that gets children to attach stamps to posts with funny animals into a particular patterns. Kids can mark stamps like real postmen and send mails to friends and family.

This game gets children to fit the funniest and most delicious gifts in Grandma's travel suitcase. It is a Tetris like puzzler that serves as a tool to develop skills of spatial reasoning.

Aimed to enhance the work of the right brain hemisphere, this game is based on the method of Japanese Professor Makoto Shichida. It caters to the individual needs of kids to nourish their inner genius with fun and develop memory, imagination, creative thinking and other cognitive abilities. The color wheel is designed to help naturally form color perception and aesthetic preferences. There are many colors that are new to children, and will help expand both their vision and vocabulary.

- Created for kids aged 3-7 years old.
- No banners, no ads, COPPA compliant
- No in-App purchases
- The app has a parents protected area

Other Features:
- Beautifully rendered graphics and original soundtrack.
- Personalization and options for saving the game results up to four family members.
- Opportunities to reminisce about grandparents and other loved ones whether they live across the globe, or down the street.

Enjoy a whole new family screen-time with this very playful interactive kids book "A Parcel of Courage"!

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Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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