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"Wangjun Kai is my home! No one allowed to grab me!" A woman handed hugged the sea picked amnesia Wangjun Kai.
A rainy night, live in Dalian summer wood picked up Wang Junkai amnesia. Wang Junkai her eyes of men of God, he actually amnesia? This is the God to see her so admired him, so sent her here?
He gradually fell in love with her, and she loved him deeper and deeper.
Forget love deeper deeper, things are unpredictable. A year later they emotional breakdown, plane crashes, she forgot his ......
When she came back side but with a strange man, that time Wang Junkai understand ...... what is the deeper love to read deeper. See her and another man, that scene really quite dazzling glare.

"Milk is my! I going to declare war who robbed me!" Born Lolita tone, she handed the king announced the source of her sovereignty.
what! This woman actually audacious yy their TFboys combination? Full ten rot women actually have a great dream? That is, when a writer for the writer when she wholeheartedly ...... pay their feelings gradually further and further away ...... even abandoned the feelings between them to leave their homes ......

"Thousands of great auction one thousand Xi Xi great auction! Who to take it!" The Queen Fan Lin Yuehan dancing Wizards and the media star of the dance.
Just chaos reported news only thing wrong, he wrapped around her say what she must catch up, good! You chase! His aging mother is not afraid to chase you!
On that occasion, she surprises her legs broken, no longer dance. How important leg of a reporter and dancing people. She accidentally lost, in despair when she wanted to commit suicide ...... he decided guardian at her side, with her, to accompany her through the lowest point in life.

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