1000 Sunnah Per Day And Night
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The most important thing in the daily life of any Muslim is following the
Sunnah (Way) of the Prophet – Peace be upon him – in all of his actions,
deeds, and sayings in order to organize his life according to the Prophetic
Sunnah, from the morning to the evening. Thun -Noon Al Masri, said:
(One of the signs of loving Allah the Almighty is following the Sunnah
of His Prophet – Peace be upon him – in his morals, deeds, orders and

Content :
How can you gain the Love of Allah the Almighty?
The Sunnahs of Waking up
The Sunnahs of Entering and Coming out from the Bathroom
The Sunnahs in Performing Wudou’ Ablution
The Sunnah of Using Sewak
The Sunnah of “Wearing Shoes”
The Sunnahs of Wearing Clothes
The Sunnahs of Leaving and Coming Back Home
The Sunnahs of Going to the Masjid
The Sunnahs of Athan-Call for Prayer-
The Sunnahs of Iqama
Praying Behind Sutra
Provisions for Sutra
The Supererogatory Prayers to be performed per Day and Night
The Sunnahs of Praying at Night
Sitting after the Prayer
Verbal Sunnahs of Prayer
Essential Prayers Sunnah
The Sunnah of Ruko’ (Bowing)
The Prophetic Actions (Sunnahs) of Prostration (Sujoud)
Post- Prayer Sunnahs
Sunnahs to be said in the Morning
Sunnahs when Meeting People
The Sunnahs of Eating
The Sunnahs of Drinking
Performing Supererogatory Prayers at Home
The Sunnahs of Leaving a Meeting
Bedtime Sunnahs (the Prophet’s traditions)
The Sunnah of Al Fajr Prayers
The Sunnahs of Wetr Prayer

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