Mishnayot Kehati
Ariel Waitzberg
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The complete Mishnayot Kehati in Hebrew and English with Bartenura on Shisha Sidrei Mishna - Shas.
The Mishna, which was authored by Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi, including the most popular commentaries and elucidation of Kehati and Bartenura, now includes also the English translation.
Add this Jewish Library to your pocket and learn anytime, anywhere, for free.
Good also for Yahrzeit / Memorial Anniversary.
The interpretation is clear and the App is user friendly with a modern design.

* Free, made purely Leshem Shamaim.
* Includes the English translation of Kehati
* No internet connection is needed.
* All Massechtot are included and their Hakdamot too.
* Last learned Mishnah is saved for next time.
* Split screen - Mishna on one side, Perush on the other
* Mishna Yomit and Perek Yomi.
* Search
* Show Full Perek mode
* Bookmarks: In order to save the current mishna on the bookmarks, click the star icon with a plus sign.
To go to the saved mishna, just click on the body of the bookmark.
* Learn for Leilui Nishmat by the letters of the beloved one's name (full Perek or a single Mishna). Option to listen to a lesson on the Mishna.
* 6 fonts, customizable font sizes
* Night Mode - white text on black background

Copyright statement:
This App was developed on behalf and with written permission of "Mishnayot Kehati Company", which behold all rights. All rights reserved to Mishnayot Kehati Ltd.

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For iOS:

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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