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This application provides a lesson that contain stories about the advice in human life provides examples of goodness to guide the ummah in order to take their students. This story is very interesting to be analyzed in terms of attitude and behavior. This application provides an overview of how the attitude of literary figures such as Abu Nawas very famous 1001 story, The Story of the Companions of the Prophet, and other Islamic exemplary story.
Hopefully the story / Islamic story is inspiring and motivating.

This application also provides the additional option of Did You? which provide additional knowledge to you about things you do not know or maybe you already know but do not know more details.

70+ Abu Nawas:
- Twice freed from death
- Tiger bearded
- Occupying the throne
- The milk shy
- Learning from strawberries
- Defecation in bed
- Calculating the donkey tail feathers
- Awaken beggars
- Flies destroy castles
- Counting the stars in the sky
- Five eggs for three people
- Tomb so castles
- Reply hoax king
- Replied the judge hoax
- Slapped cheek king
- Treating pain with ostrich egg
- Beguiling royal commander
- Revenue officer
- and many more

30+ Story Companion of the Prophet:
- Abu Bakr and Umar racing goodness
- Bilal bin Rabbah, the first muezzin
- Abdullah bin Abbas with Khawarij
- Khubayb ibn Adiy, undaunted death penalty
- The story of conversion to Islam Salman Alfarisi
- Bakti parents, a son Kilab Umaiyah
- Abdullah bin Hudzafah and Hiraklius
- Account Ustman bin Affan
- Profile of Governors of Caliph Umar bin Khatab
- and many more

100+ Exemplary Stories
- Five things strange
- The story of a young motherless father Pig
- Clouds and repent
- Caterpillars and Prophet David U.S.
- Si pemalasa and Abu Hanifah
- Prophet and eight dirhams
- Pahala as the stars in the sky
- Banter and jokes Messenger
- Lukman Hakim and human telatah
- One of the most daring
- Camel be the judge
- Honesty jewel merchant
- Between the patient and complaints
- Respect guests, hungry night
- Goats and looms
- and many more

30+ Did you know?
- How do clouds form?
- The greenhouse effect is what?
- Why lightning occurs?
- Gemtar from the cold, why?
- The sky really blue?
- When the sun sank red berwarnah, how come?
- There berapasih number of bones that we have?
- and much more...
- and many more

Navigation on this application is very easy to operate so it is very convenient to use.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 3.0 and up

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