WildSearch English Dictionary
박희섭 Park Heesob
1.0.4 Varies with device
WildSearch English Dictionary is an application contains 275,715 English word entries with wild card character search power.
This application can be used for solving crossword puzzle, word game, improving your vocabulary and writing lyrics as well as an English Dictionary.

The wildcard character (% , _) usage
1 . %
   Matches the preceding element zero or more times. For example, ab%c matches "abac", "abiotic", "abulic", etc.
2 . _
  Matches any single character. For example, a__c matches "abac", etc.

   All words beginning with "a" : a%
   All words beginning with "a" : %a
All the words that contain "a" : %a%
Three-letter words starting with "a": a__
   Three-letter words ending with "a" : __a
   Four-letter words coming second "a" : _a__
   Six-letter words coming second "a" and fourth "b" : _a__b_
   All words containing "a" and following "b" : %a%b%
   All words containing "a" and following next to ending "b" :%a%b_

By touching a word entry In the search result words, you can look up the word definition of Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Content rating: Teen

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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