Flags of the World Book&Quiz
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We offer the best app. about world flags and coats of arms. It is unique opportunity to see different countries and capitals, read a lot of useful information about locations, official language, time zone and more.
Have you ever seen the flags of China or Brazil? You can find big pictures collection with detailed country and small town descriptions. Here you will be able to search by nations( Mexico, Australia, Russia etc) or by continent (Africa Antarctica Asia Europe North America Oceania South America). Someone find interesting to search country flags by color combination or by emblems such as animals buildings circles and gallery of flags with geographical motifs.


- List of flags quiz recommend to children & mothers
- 233 countries with capitals
- Search countries flag by name, capital or coat of arms and dial code
- You can make amazing game
- Countries of the world include population & form of government

A national flag is a flag that symbolises a country. The flag is flown by the government, but usually can also be flown by citizens of the country.
Both public and private buildings such as schools and courthouses may fly the national flag. In some countries, the national flags are only flown from non-military buildings on certain flag days.
The national flag is often, but not always, mentioned or described in a country's constitution, but its detailed description may be delegated to a flag law passed by the legislative, or even secondary legislation or in monarchies a decree.
There are three distinct types of national flag for use on land, and three for use at sea.
The most popular colours in national flags are red, white, green, dark blue, yellow, light blue, and black. The colours light brown, dark brown and grey only occur in very small quantities. In fact, they only occur in the symbols of flags, such as in the Spanish flag.

Learn world geography from world map, all the flags of the world with us. This book will be interesting for parents and their child (for kids), it can be educational games for children and adults. If you have problem - write us or view more details on wikipedias. If you like geography and trivia, this app is for you.

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