The 3D昆虫 セレクション I
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The 3D昆虫シリーズ
昆虫、それは自然が創った、最も美しく奇妙な生命体です。「The 3D昆虫シリーズ」は、従来の図鑑の常識を超えた、デジタル時代の新しい未来昆虫図鑑です。全方位360度のあらゆる角度から観察できるだけでなく、お好みの角度の画像を自由に拡大することができます。

セレクション for Android
「セレクション for Android」では、さまざまな昆虫の全方位姿を出来る限り多くの皆様に味わって頂くために、すでに発売中のものや、これからリリース予定のものの中から、無償版として以下12種を厳選し収録しました。無償版のため、画像の質や枚数は落としてありますが、ご了承下さい。

○ ニシキツバメガ Chrysiridia rhipheus
○ ツバキシギゾウムシ Curculio camelliae
○ ハナムグリガ Cocytia durvillei
○ ピサロタテヅノカブト Golofa pizarro
○ ニジイロクワガタ Phalacrognathus muelleri
○ コノハチョウ Kallima inachus
○ ヤマトタマムシ Chrysochroa fulgidissima
○ ムラサキケブカフトタマムシ Julodis viridipes
○ ショーエンヘルホウセキゾウムシ Eupholus schoenherri
○ レテノールモルフォ Morpho rhetenor cacica
○ テイオウニジダイコクコガネ Sulcophanaeus imperator
○ シロアシゴミムシダマシ Dichtha incantatoris


 ・Xperia acro SO-02C

The 3D insect series
Insect, nature-made, it is the most beautiful and strange life forms. Beyond the common sense of the traditional picture book, "The 3D insect series" is a new future insect picture book in the digital age. You can not only be observed from every angle 360-degree omni-directional, to expand freely the image of the angle of your choice.
It is said that 70% of life on earth and insects, very small and many of observation with the naked eye is difficult. In this app, by to observe the insects that you have caught though, can be observed finely to ventral surface from the back, it will guide you to a wonderfully strange insect world to everyone. Please enjoy the world of micro molding beauty of nature made.

Selection for Android
In the "Selection for Android", in order to have you tasted everyone as much as you can an omnidirectional appearance of a variety of insects, and those on sale, from among those released, carefully selected 12 species following as a free version now already I recorded to. For the free version, and the number of quality of the image can be found dropped, but approve it.

[Species listed]
○ Nishikitsubamega Chrysiridia rhipheus
○ camellia weevil Curculio camelliae
○ Hanamuguriga Cocytia durvillei
○ Pizarro vertical Dzuno helmet Golofa pizarro
○ Nijiiro stag Phalacrognathus muelleri
○ leaf butterfly Kallima inachus
○ Yamato jewel beetle Chrysochroa fulgidissima
○ purple Kebu cuff port jewel beetle Julodis viridipes
○ Show yen Hell Hou cough weevil Eupholus schoenherri
○ Le tenor Morpho Morpho rhetenor cacica
○ te sulfur Stevenage Daikokukogane Sulcophanaeus imperator
○ White reed Tenebrionidae Dichtha incantatoris

Please try to watch carefully please, these insects that can not be the eyes in everyday life.

[Tested Model]
· Xperia acro SO-02C

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Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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