Companions of the Prophet 30
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Snippet from the Story - Companions of the Prophet Muhammad Series Ikrimah(r.a.) Ibn Abu Jahl.

Ikrimah(r.a.) Ibn Abi Jahl (r.a.) was the son of Abu Jahl, the person who was the biggest enemy of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.). Abu Jahl was a tyrant and one who promoted Shirk*. He loved to torture people who believed in Islam. Ikrimah took over from his tyrant father and challenged the Prophet(s.a.w.). At the battle of Badr*, Abu Jahl led the non-believers of Makkah against the muslims. Abu Jahl was one of the first to lose his life in the battle. Ikrimah saw his father with spears on his body and cried out in Pain. He fled the scene of battle and returned vowing to avenge his father's death and kill the Prophet(s.a.w.).

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