Companions of Prophet Story 8
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Wonderful Illustrated stories from Companions of Prophet Muhammad.Abu Ayyub Al Ansari(r.a.). Interesting Story for Islamic children to read and get the auspicious knowledge. These stories are narrated carefully with beautiful illustrations communicating the story exactly to the Islamic children. Useful Android application to buy and keep this as a knowledge resource for your children to read these stories anytime.

Snippet from the story
Abu Ayyub was a very close companion of Prophet(s.a.w.). At the time of Hijra* when the Prophet(s.a.w.) left Makkah, he first went to Quba, which was in the outskirts of Madinah and built a mosque there. When the Prophet(s.a.w.) came to Madinah on his camel all the people were filled with joy and enthusiasm.

They wanted to give him the warmest welcome. All the cheftians stood on the way eagerly hoping that they would have the honour of the Prophet(s.a.w.) staying at their house. As the camel passed by they invited the Prophet(s.a.w.) to stay with them. But the camel kept on moving. Then at the open front space of Abu Ayyub(r.a.) camel hesitated. But the Prophet(s.a.w.) did not get disamount.

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