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There are 50 Free Dessert Recipes in this Dessert Recipes app. From easy to difficult recipes you can try all those desserts recipes. If you are looking for easy recipes, you can search in this app. You can choose the easy dessert too. From the entire of dessert recipes, you can also find cake recipes from those recipes of dessert. There are a lot of chocolate dessert recipes and those are very tasty. Just try the recipes and get the delicious meals for your family. Feel the world class chef. These recipes also good for after dinner recipes, breakfast, and lunch. Some recipes can be cooked by a lot of technique. Don't worry to your health because this app serves a lof of healthy dessert recipes too. And you still cook with healthy recipes. Recipes for dessert is in this Dessert Recipes app. Try cooking this easy healthy recipes. :)
Start cooking with your best friends and family. Share your favorite dessert recipes with your best friends also your family. Be happy to cook together with parents or kids. Boys and girl will like cook together.

Dessert (/dɨˈzɜrt/) is a typically sweet course that concludes an evening meal. The course usually consists of sweet foods, but may include other items.

Cakes- Cakes are sweet tender breads made with sugar and delicate flour. Cakes can vary from light, airy sponge cakes to dense cakes with less flour. In addition, small-sized cakes have become popular in the form of cupcakes and petits fours.
Chocolates and candies- Many candies involve the crystallization of sugar which varies the texture of sugar crystals. Candies can be found in many different forms including caramel, marshmallows, and taffy.
Cookies- Cookies are similar to cakes (the word coming from the Dutch word koekje meaning little cake). Baked custards can include crème brûlée and flan. Puddings are thickened with starches.
Donuts-Donuts are a sweet that can be considered a breakfast or dessert. It is considered a deep fried dessert made from flour. It is the shape of a circle, and sometimes has a hole in the center. There are two-types of donuts: ring-shaped with the circle in the middle, and filled. A filled donut differs from a ring-shaped donut as it is often filled with fruit preserves, cream, custard or other sweet fillings. Square-shaped donuts are commonly referred to as fritters.Fritters are fried and consist of batter or breading that is often filled with fruit, or other ingredients. Fritters are made up of eggs, milk, batter, deep or pan-fried, wheat flour, cornmeal, or a mix of two can make the batter. Donuts can be homemade or found at bakeries, grocery stores, and speciality outlets. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are two well-known donut companies that are known for their ring-shaped and filled donuts. In May 2013, the cronut was introduced by Dominique Ansel at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City. It is best described as a donut and croissant combined. Cronuts are shaped in a circle and sometimes have a hole in the center. It is dough that is sugared, filled and glazed. Donuts are not always in the shape of a circle; some other shapes of donuts include twists, rings, and balls.
Frozen desserts- ice cream and gelato both fit into this category. Ice cream is a cream base that is churned as it is frozen to create a creamy consistency, while gelato uses a milk base and has less air than ice cream. Thirdly, sorbet is made from churned fruit and is not dairy based.
Pastries- Pastries can either take the form of light and flaky bread with an airy texture or unleavened dough with a high fat content. Pastries can be eaten with fruits, chocolates, or other sweeteners and are often eaten with tea.
Pies- Pies and cobblers are a crust with a filling. The crust can be either made from either a pastry or crumbs. The fillings can be anything from fruits to puddings.

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