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Ghost Recon Wildlands arrives in March, but after several hours playing the closed beta, we already have a handful of tips to help you thrive in its sprawling. Taken all at once, the game's mechanics and systems, combined with its icon-heavy world map, can be overwhelming. Break it into chunks, though, and it starts to make sense for Ghost recon Wildlands.

So, there are two ways you can about each distric 'ghost recon Wildlands't: either you collect all the intel and then finish the story missions on the bounce, before facing the cartel boss proper, or do them one by one. We recommend the latter. Intel folders, typically, are located right next to story missions, so instead of traipsing back and forth around the map, doing the main jobs one-by-one carries you and your squad along a natural route around each district. Also, story missions often result in areas of the map becoming cleared out of all cartel goons, allowing you to freely access other goodies, which we'll get into later, and fast travel between a greater amount of waypoints.

Wildlands : Side-missions however can be very tricky. Be particularly careful of the ‘convoy’ assignments, wherein you have to stop a truck of cartel supplies from reaching its destination and put down its entire escort of armed guards. In past Ubisoft games – and in games generally, actually – missions like these are straightforward. Simply pile your car into the target vehicle then hop out and gun down the remaining enemies. But in Wildlands, especially at the game's beginning, the guys guarding the convoy trucks are much better armed than you are and move very, very quickly. Simply pulling up alongside the convoy and ordering your squad to open fire - which you can do with a single press of the F key - almost uniformly results in failure. A better tactic is to finish the first two missions, bump your character to level 2 and use one of the in-game hubs to purchase C4. Pull in front of the convoy (the 4x4, strangely, seems to be one of Wildlands’ fastest vehicles, though you can also hijack a sports car) and lob a couple of charges into the road. Order your squad to ‘fire’ - again, by holding the F key – and when the lead car rolls over your C4, hit the detonator then watch as your buddies neatly pop a bullet through the truck's windscreen and into the driver's face

There is one golden rule to choosing your equipment in ghost recon Wildlands: use a suppressor. The game will warn you that putting a silencer on your gun reduces its damage stat, but the cartel soldiers go down with just a few shots anyway, and if you use an unsuppressed weapon, as we mentioned earlier, dozens of them will come out of the woodwork and start attacking. So long as your silencer is attached, your whole team will use them, too. Basically, there is no downside.

There are several level up categories in Wildlands. You can improve your weapons and weapon abilities, personal characteristics like health and inventory space. Then there’s your drone, your driving skills and of course your squad. In the early game, it's worth devoting your experience points both to your own character and your team-mates. For basic survival purposes, give your squad bigger health bars and increase the amount of time you can survive, and wait for a revive, after being wounded. Another canny choice early on is levelling up vehicles so they can take extra damage. That will help with those tricky convoy missions we mentioned earlier.

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