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All of us are writing poetry from time to time. Sometimes we are followed by our moods, sometimes it happens in order to please a loved one, friends or relatives. Or to surprise. Creating a poem is very complicated process. It needs talent. After all, the idea is not just to express a thoughts, but also to talk about it succinctly, skillfully and beautifully. In addition you need a sense of the rhythm and rime. Our application will help you with the last, with the rime (or rhyme). Simply fill in the word which you want to rime in a field. You can do it by keyboard, or by voice. Then click on "OK" button and our program will find you all the rimes that are available in the database. You will choose from the list that one which fits your meaning. Create and amaze.

Video with a love poem by A.S.Pushkin:

Hooray! Now you can choose from 4 algorithms.
Please note:
- The best quality gives less variants.
- The "any" quality sometimes can give very interesting rimes.
- The algorithms are focused on words with the accent on the last syllable. If you have accent on the penultimate syllable, you'll see firstly rimes with the accent on the last syllable.

Good sample for different quality is the word "detective". The app gives 20 rimes in "excelent", about 50 in "good", about 100 in "middle" and about 150 in "any".

So, if you see no variants, reduce quality. If you see too many variants, raise it.

The application requires internet. Run the application and you will see images of flags. Choosing a flag, you choose the language in which you are writing poems and where you need rime. Choosing a flag, you'll go to the generating rimes window.

If the database has not rime, try the following:
- Find a synonym to the word that you need to rime. And find a rime to the synonym in our application.
- Change the singular to plural or plural to singular form of the words to which you search the rime.
- Change the place of words in your poem so that the word to which we have no rime, moves to the beginning or middle. And try to find the rime to other word.

Your good estimate will support our free project. Poor estimate slows down development, as other users are guided by your assessment. It is clear that if your phone does not run the application, you become angry. But more effective to write us about the problem than to put unsatisfactory.

The application requires internet.
The application can also be used to translate poetry from one language to another, provided that you know both languages. Translated by "Google" the whole text and then look for a rime through the application.
The rime`s generator available for Russian and English.

FAQ, news and instructions are here: http://androids.ru/instr2.htm

Content rating: Teen

Requires OS: 2.1 and up

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