Signs of the apocalypse
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Genesis almighty below is a great event that will be experienced by humans before the day of judgment arrives. In addition we will also explain the phases of a time when this promised day will come along with the extraordinary events which followed the period of the coming apocalypse.
Including the six pillars of faith is the faith of the final day / Judgment, whereas for when impending doom god only knows. However rosulullah already illustrates in detail how the end will occur.
Here is the sequence of impending doom kubro:

1. War of the end times
2. The emergence of imam mahdi
3. The war against the Arabian Peninsula, Persian, and a betrayal of the nation rum
4. Malhamah kubra
5. Conquest konstatin
6. The emergence of Antichrist
7. The fall isa al still and the killing of Dajjal
8. The destruction of the Jewish people for the second time
9. Conquest roma
10. The war with the nation turk
11. The appearance of Gog and Magog
12. Period of Muslims suffered glory
13. Death of isa al still and imam mahdi
14. Publication of the sun from the west
15. The advent of talking animals
16. The release of fumes
17. The arrival of the wind blowing to mewafatkan Believers
18. Penghalalan Baitullah and the destruction of the Ka'ba
19. The destruction of the medina and the release of all mankind from the city
20. Incorporation of the earth in the eastern, western and arab lands
21. The emergence of the fire that lead people to mahsyar
22. The coming of the apocalypse. Blowing of trumpets and the destruction of the universe

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